Finding the right vape shop for your needs can be difficult. Some shops have more vape flavors and product options than others, others have inconsistent inventories, and not all shops give you the opportunity to sample flavors before purchase. So how do you know who to choose? At Hayze Vape in Waukegan, we know firsthand how hard this can be⁠—our founders vaped for years before opening our store, the first vape shop in Waukegan. Whether you’re a veteran vaper looking for a new favorite shop or a new face who has yet to taste your first Juul, we’ll make you feel at home here. We’re passionate about growing the vaping community around Waukegan, and we’d love for you to be a part of it, too. Read on for some of the factors to consider when choosing the best vape shop for your needs.

Wide Selection

The most important factor when choosing a vape shop is the variety of selection. Most stores will stock the major brands, but what about that one obscure vape flavor your friend really likes? What about the newest products and less mainstream brand names? A shop’s passion for vaping can be seen in the variety of options on its shelves, and you want—and deserve— a shop filled with more variety than you can count.

At Hayze Vape, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our inventory. We’ve got dozens of vape flavors of all kinds and brands, vape pens and Juuls, vape and e-cig starter kits, and all sorts of accessories so you can vape exactly what you want, how you want.

Knowledgeable Staff

Another factor that is important, particularly if you’re new to vaping, is friendly staff that know what they’re talking about when it comes to vaping. The staff at your store of choice should be up on the latest vape flavors and accessories and be able to make recommendations and help you with any product assembly or problem you may have. You should be treated like a friend, not a sales target.

At Hayze Vape, our staff is well-educated and trained on all things vape and CBD (more on that later). We’ll be able to recommend pens and starter kits based on your experience with vaping, as well as help with any problem you may be having. We can also special order anything you want that we don’t have in-store.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Some vapers are content to just buy-and-bounce, but at Hayze Vape, we believe shopping for vape products should be a fun experience. When choosing a vape shop that’s right for you, consider how you’re treated while you’re shopping. Does the staff seem genuinely interested in how you like the vape flavors they offer? Is there space to hang out or try flavors for yourself? These personable elements of the vape shopping experience are what separate the great vape shops from the merely good.

At Hayze Vape, we make it our mission to cultivate a relaxed, community atmosphere in our shop. We offer a vape lounge where, for a small tasting fee, you can sample nicotine-free versions of our vape flavors before purchase. We’re trying to grow the vaping community in Waukegan, and we believe providing a space for vapers to relax, socialize and vape in peace is critical to doing so. We don’t pressure you to buy, and we’re happy to do anything in our power to improve your vape shopping experience with us.

Additional Features

What if you want to explore other methods for relaxation? A final factor to consider when choosing the best vape shop for you is whether a shop offers additional features or products beyond the basic vaping supplies.

At Hayze Vape, we also offer a range of CBD products for those customers that prefer a herbal solution for relaxation and pain management. We believe in any healthy alternative to smoking and strive to offer our customers the greatest variety of options possible. Call us today to learn more about our shop, and swing by sometime when you’re in Waukegan.