Hayze Vape opened in July 2016 as the first-ever vape shop in Waukegan. Owner Charlene Craft and her partner are lifelong Waukegan residents and wanted to open a shop in town to help build the vaping community. Charlene, who has been vaping since 2012, retired from her job of 30 years to open Hayze Vape. She wanted to start a business that helped people, and she noticed how vaping had helped her partner stop smoking cigarettes after 17 years of smoking Newports. It was from this desire to help people and bring Waukegan vapers together that Hayze Vape was born.

Today, we’re proud to say Hayze Vape is the top-rated vape shop in Waukegan. Our goal is to help you find the best smoking alternative device and vape liquid to help you on your smoke-free journey. We also carry top-quality CBD products that were created to help with anxiety, pain, and many other issues. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our dedication to earning your trust and loyalty as a lifelong customer. We can answer any questions, help with any assemblies, or complete any special orders you desire. If you are looking for a device or juice that we don’t carry, we will do everything we can to obtain it for you.

We also offer a generous reward program as well as a variety of discounts and sales, including:

  • 10% Military Discount
  • First Time Customer Discount
  • Midweek Mayhem Sale
  • Vape liquid Brand Of The Week
  • Vape Hardware Item Of The Week (Coming Soon)
  • Holiday and Special Event Discounts